Deploying a NetFoundry zero-trust network and connecting your local machine.

I recently got to work with OpenZiti and learned a lot about Zero-trust networks. Today we are going to deploy a NetFoundry network and connect our own laptop with it


  1. Sign up for a new NetFoundry Account Here, it’s really quick and easy!
  2. Once on the dashboard go ahead and create a new Network:

3. Once your network is provisioned, go ahead and click on Endpoints and create a new Endpoint, name it anything u want:

4. You will now be presented with a key, go ahead and download it

5. Now go here, and select a tunneller according to your OS

6. Follow the steps to activate Ziti Desktop Edge, now click on the +, select the key file you just downloaded, and click on “Turn On Ziti”

7. That’s it! Wait until you are connected, you have now successfully implemented a zero-trust network, all within 5 minutes!

Ziti Desktop Edge

My Experience

I really loved the entire experience of building your very own zero-trust network, configuring endpoints, and services like Node.js within minutes! I would love to thank OpenZiti for this! Cheers!




Developer by day, Hacker by night

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Monish Basaniwal

Monish Basaniwal

Developer by day, Hacker by night

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